Will my spit get my blood out of my clothes?

Answer No. Soak it in cold oxiclean water. Or club soda ( carbonate water). Never use hot water and dry it till the blood is all gone.

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Can my own spit get my own blood out of things like clothes?

I don't think spit will remove blood, except from non-porous surfaces, like a counter top. I think you'll have better luck with hydrogen peroxide, especially if the blood is on clothes. Peroxide ... Read More »

What happens if you spit out blood and it comes out of mouth?

You can have a bloody nose. the blood goes into your mouth. Just in case, go to the Hospital just to check you dont have TB.

Am I pregnant if I spit blood up?

If you spit up blood you need medical treatment as soon as possible.

Do you spit blood if you have swine flu?