My Mother passed Feb. 21, 2008. I have not been able to sleep since then. How long will this last.?

Answer My thought and prayers are with you. A mother is special. Think how she would feel if she could see you now, so sad and unhappy. How do you think she would she feel. Not great i guess. Try to liv... Read More »

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I'm 36 wks. I took 4oz of castor oil last night at 930 it's been 12 hours. I was on the toilet all night but no contractions. is there a chance it will still work how long before i go in labor?

Too soon Although there is little scientific, peer-reviewed data to support the claim that castor oil can hasten the onset of labor, there is plenty of anecdotal information that it does. Many chi... Read More »

How to Know if Your Relationship Will Last?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend can be the sweetest person at times, but at other times, you just can't stand them! Want to know if they're right for you?

How long does the average dating relationship last?

The average dating relationship lasts less than four years. This statistic comes from the American Psychological Association, and is based on 17 short-term relationship studies. The couples who wer... Read More »

How to Tell Whether Your Relationship Will Last?

So you have gotten together with your partner and both of you are in love. You can be in the "honeymoon" period where all is sweet, you may be celebrating your second year together, or you may even... Read More »