Will my ps3 work on a pc monitor?

Answer If you want to use the Playstation 3 with a computer monitor, the monitor needs to be HDCP-compliant, preferably with an HDMI input.The LG W2486L monitor you are thinking of getting is HDCP-complia... Read More »

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Monitor will not work! -see details-?

Without an image on the monitor, how do you know that your computer is on? If you hear the startup tunes and the keyboard seems to do things... maybe. If your monitor did not show signs of death,... Read More »

Will a HDMI to VGA cable work for my ps3 to my monitor?

Sure.You just wont get the HD feel.Check the site below for a good deal on the cable

Will an XBox 360 VGA cable work on any monitor?

The Xbox 360 VGA cable is a complete solution cable. It will work with any PC monitor, including a CRT (tube) or an LCD monitor, using the VGA input. You can also play high-quality audio with the a... Read More »

Will a high definition TV work as a CCTV monitor?

High definition closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras deliver images that can be displayed on high definition televisions. High definition CCTV cameras can capture images that will be displayed ... Read More »