Will my printer EVER be compatible with my computer?


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We bought a HP computer it came without a printer...will any brand be compatible with the computer?

Printer compatibility with computers has nothing to do with the brand. If Your HP computer is running Windows XP or Vista, and the printer you purchase claims it is compatible with either of these ... Read More »

Can I hook up an old printer to my new computer Will it be compatible?

It depends. If it has a USB connection then it will be fine. If it uses the old parallel type connection, then you'll have to check the back of your PC and see if there is a place to plug it in. ... Read More »

Is a Dell Printer compatible with a HP computer?

Yes, you can. It does not matter which "make" of computer or printer you have. So long as you have the correct printer drivers for the OS that runs on your PC, you should be all good to use it.

Is a HP All-in-one printer compatible with laptops Can a printer be hooked up to a laptop?

Absolutely. I use a HP all in one with my laptop.