Will my phone still work if i put in the washer?

Answer DO NOT USE a hair dryer on it. Take out the battery. dry it off as best as you can. Then: put it in a small sandwich zip lock bag and put in enough rice to pretty well cover it. Force out as much o... Read More »

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Will my debit card still work if it went through the washer and dryer?

Check the magnetic stripe on your debit card; if it isn't cracked or badly scratched it should still work. Additionally, if the numbers on your card are still legible, most merchants will accept it... Read More »

If I don't have Cell phone service, will 911 still work on my cell phone It's a US Cellular phone.?

911 should work on any cell phone whether or not you have service.

I washed my phone by accident, will it still work?

hi hop head, no i don't think it will, best of luck blue

If i take someones buletooth and connecet it to my phone will it still be connected to there phone?

While most Bluetooth devices only pair with a single phone at a time, some can pair with two phones actively at the same time (some car visor speaker phones for example). Of course you could only ... Read More »