Will my pc run a ps3 eumlator my cpu 1.2THz single core 16 GB RAM windows 64bit?

Answer Incorrect/insufficient specificationsI have an extremely strong inclination towards NO because you said SINGLE COREEDIT - Kevin brings up a good point. You have a 1.2 ghz single core with 64 bit wi... Read More »

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Can INTEL CORE 2 DUO Processor run 64bit windows Vista?

Windows 7 - 2.4Ghz Single Core P4 + 1GB DDR1 + 128MB Graphics Card - Is this good enough for a basic computer?

720p ok 1080p noBasic sure, but no gamming besides those really crappy ones and flash games

How do you compare DUAL CORE processors with SINGLE CORE ones?

four years from now let's say, softwares were designed to be done by one cpu and cpus were designed to run one software (let's call it work) at a time.but considering now days software (games, medi... Read More »

My Windows 7 64bit has no sound How do I fix this?

Don't get frustrated as that really won't help. Anyway the reason why Microsoft wouldn't know is that apart from there audio module and internal OS audio API they don't handle "audio devices". That... Read More »