Will my neck ever become straight?

Answer Maybe you need glasses because you lean foward too much How tall are you? because this is common on tall people Try to sit up staight while on computer. maybe put the computer on a table and sit on... Read More »

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Will this charlatan ever give a straight answer to anything?

Now look Barrie... I'm gonna dribble on for a while now Barrie... it's important that everyone knows that Barrie... but my point is this Barrie... I'm not gonna answer the question that you asked B... Read More »

Will redheads ever become extinct?

I seriously doubt it as many redheads tend to marry other redheads.

Will v.h.s tapes ever become obsolete?

the better question is how much longer til DVDs go out........... five years?CD's are old school now with Digital Music on the rise. Soon enough it will be the same story with DVD's. WELCOME TO THE... Read More »

Will I ever become pregnant Please help me.?

The lack of menstruation, weight problems and excessive hair growth sound to me like poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I was recently diagnosed with it and it makes trying to conceive very difficult b... Read More »