Will my mother board fit this case ?

Answer Yes. The form factor for both the motherboard and the case is ATX, so unless the documentation on the websites you provided are mistaken, you are good to go.

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I have a new problem i need help with,my mother board has usb ports built on to the board and two plug ins on?

There should be a CD with drivers for your motherboard. I assume, that while those USB ports were disabled, Windows couldn't detect them and didn't install the neccessary drivers for them.Furthermo... Read More »

What is the largest circuit board inside the PC case?

The largest circuit board inside a PC case is the motherboard (sometimes called the "main board" or--in Apple computers--the "logic board".) The exact size of the motherboard will vary depending on... Read More »

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Will this CPU fit my mother board?

You'd have to email ASUS tech support for a correct answer. The specs show up to the 540m.