Why does Matt Dallas women friends seem not to respect his body or him Matt deserves respect.?

Answer The Ha'tak goa'uld mothership can travel 10 light-years per year with the hyperdrive. This is approximately 0.001 light-years per hour. The Prometheus (it is a BC-303 model) can travel 32 light-ye... Read More »

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What is Blake's 7 like?

Blake's 7 is one of my favourite Sci-Fi series. Although, even by standards of the time, the production values were low. The series made up for this with a great story and a unique sense of reali... Read More »

What does the surname blake mean?

Blake was originally a surname (last name) but over the years has become somewhat popular as a first name.EnglishBlake is considered a famous English surname. However, its origin is up for debate.T... Read More »

What is on Henry Blake's hat?

another hat, and a symbol of a fish

How old is Blake Harrison?

Blake Harrison is 26 years old (birthdate: July 23, 1985).