How did the first ever Victorian vacuum cleaner make life easier?

Answer Answer Origin of word is from Arabic word: safarīya, يذهب في رحله للقنصthis literally means ' journey' or 'expedition.'

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Fourth Grade School Projects That Will Make Life Easier?

Fourth graders have a lot of responsibility thrust on them. The need to start taking the initiative in remembering homework and bringing work back and forth from home can become a source of stress.... Read More »

Will there ever be a new suite life on deck?

no.because they went to college and i don't think they are going to do it

Will Maya ever return to the Suite Life on Deck?

Sorry, but she recently got engages, and Perez Hilton posted on his website that she got engaged to Corbin Blue.

How has headphones made life easier?

In some countrys it is because alot of people get killed from that.