Will my kitten scratches scar They are all over my arms. :(?

Answer No, they won't have scratched you deep enough to make scars. Especially since they're kitten claws.

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Help got really bad scratches by new kitten?

Ouch. Quickly wash the scratched area with hott water and soap. Put hydrogen perioxide on the wound it will bubble and fizz its completely normal and kills the germs. Add neosporin every 2-4 hours ... Read More »

If the arms of the eyeglasses are not straight will they make your glasses crooked?

Yes. I have had glasses for five years, and I've had 3 different glasses. 2 months after I got my first pair of glasses I fell down a steep hill with gravel at the bottom and bent them. They were c... Read More »

If you shave the hairs on your arms will they grow longer and thicker after that?

If i put toe seperaters in my toes will they straighten over time?

if you keep them in all the time it will retrain the muscles