Will my insurance rate go up for a vandalism claim?

Answer Rates shouldn't be increased for anything that is your fault. If this happens quite a bit it can, it shows your increased exposure and companies will try to get some of that money back or get off t... Read More »

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Do hotels have vandalism insurance?

Hotels normally have some type of coverage for vandalism under their property insurance. However, the only incidents that result in a claim are the ones that are severe enough to result in a loss o... Read More »

I'm deaf blind and receive lower and middle rate DLA can I claim higher rate and or mobility?

CAB is your friendmake an appointment with them

Is vandalism covered by comprehensive insurance?

Depends on your policy. If probably is if it's extremely serious vandalism, but you might be better off just fixing it out of pocket and not telling the insurance company depending on how much it w... Read More »

What will the insurance company cover vandalism to property?

It should, beware though, each occurrence of vandalism may be subject to a separate deductible if you don't watch your adjuster.