Will my hips get bigger?

Answer You're already a good size. But if you want bigger hips, do exercises that will push some of your weight to your hip area. *Note: 48 inch hips are rather wide, like waaay bigger than Beyonce's. I w... Read More »

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How to get curves - wider hips n bigger bum n bigger boobs?

A woman of any build can be feminine. If you want more curves, work on your muscle tone and make sure you eat well - both amount and health wise. Look after your health and you will be the build th... Read More »

How to Make Your Hips Look Bigger?

Having wide hips is important to many women (and their male friends), as it helps to create an hourglass figure, which is desirable within various cultures. Hips can be made to look bigger through ... Read More »

My hips are bigger than my waist?

You have an hourglass body shape. That's the most desired, sought-after figure so, yay! My hips are 34 inches and I wear a size 2. Try out size 2,4,6 whatever fits you right. Don't go for the numbe... Read More »

Why do girls have bigger hips than guys?

Because men don't need to bear children. Hips are cool :D