Will my heavy heatsink cause problems to my motherboard?

Answer Depends on how you plan to handle it. I watched someone set down a tower vertically that had a Zalman 9700 in it, which only weighs 750g, and it tore the CPU socket out of the mother board. This ... Read More »

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Micro atx motherboard no way to screw in heatsink, what to do (Long)?

ya I mean, to me it sounds like you have a mobo that doesn't have anything around the cpu pins for a fan or anything to go over. And that doesnt sound right. I mean ive seen it before but that w... Read More »

At age 20, could 4 months of heavy drinking cause permanent liver/health problems?

Probably not yet but I would say cut back because once the liver fails your toast lol but then again your young live it up!

Will My Water Pump Problems Cause My Car to Run Hot?

There are at least a dozen reasons that a car may run hotter than normal and even overheat. A faulty water pump could cause problems with the cooling system, resulting in a car running too hot. Typ... Read More »

Will getting a lowerback tattoo cause pregnancy problems?

yes it definitely can cause some problems with getting an epidural when I was in labour one of the nurses noticed my tattoo on my low back and said that I would not be able to get an epidural but ... Read More »