Will my heavy heatsink cause problems to my motherboard?

Answer Depends on how you plan to handle it. I watched someone set down a tower vertically that had a Zalman 9700 in it, which only weighs 750g, and it tore the CPU socket out of the mother board. This ... Read More »

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Micro atx motherboard no way to screw in heatsink, what to do (Long)?

ya I mean, to me it sounds like you have a mobo that doesn't have anything around the cpu pins for a fan or anything to go over. And that doesnt sound right. I mean ive seen it before but that w... Read More »

Im having problems with my motherboard...................…?

You just need to learn how to correctly push those buttons, takes some men years of practise...! ;o) x

Problems With the Motherboard on an eMachine?

It could be an indication of a motherboard failure when an eMachine doesn't function correctly, doesn't turn on or keeps freezing. These symptoms may also be related to other hardware device failur... Read More »

At age 20, could 4 months of heavy drinking cause permanent liver/health problems?

Probably not yet but I would say cut back because once the liver fails your toast lol but then again your young live it up!