Will my hair turn green if go swimming?

Answer Go swimming, all the guys want to see you in a two piece. you'll be fine. What would jesus do?

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What causes blonde hair to turn green after swimming?

AnswerWhy That Turquoise Hair? or Good Grief � Goldilocks Goin' Green!Based on an article first appearing in AQUATICS INTERNATIONAL magazine, by the same author.What's all this nonsense about gre... Read More »

How to Prevent Blonde Hair From Turning Green After Swimming?

Some blondes may notice a green tint to their hair after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Many people believe that the chlorine is the culprit of this green tint, but it's really an imbalance of co... Read More »

How to Stop Swimming Pools From Turning Hair & Clothes Green?

Strong chlorine in swimming pools can turn natural or unnatural blonde hair green and even bleach clothing. Although you can not stop swimming pools from ruining your hair, there are a few things t... Read More »

How Do I Color My Hair So it Won't Turn Green?

Hair colors come in many shades to match very light to very dark complexions. The instructions that come with a particular brand of hair dye should be followed to ensure that the final result comes... Read More »