Will my hair go black if I dye it blue?

Answer Due to the fact that your hair is dirty BLONDE, it'll come out normal, maybe just a little bit darker than neon blue. :-) Good luck!

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What will happen if you mix a blue black hair dye with darkest natural brown hair dye.?

It'll be black. I dyed my hair using blue black dye and it was jet black. What they mean by blue-black is the black is blue based, but you wont see the blue, at least I didn't when I dyed mine, but... Read More »

How to Dye Hair Blue & Black?

Some people dye their hair to provide a light touch-up to their color. Some dye their hair to lighten or darken their hair for a natural look. However, other people chose to dye their hair an unnat... Read More »

Black-ish Blue Hair Photos?

i am sorry i have no photos for you, i know that hair style is suitable for you. and i hope it makes beautiful for you.

Emo Hair Styles for Boys in Black & Blue Colors?

Emo is a popular style among today's teenagers. Emo hairstyles are often based around dark colors with choppy, layered hair that sometimes covers the eyes and face. Several different hairstyles tha... Read More »