Will my gaming computer build work?

Answer The case you have on your list comes with a psu, the psu u chose is better, but for budget I would go with the case's psu. Then with your psu $ upgrade your mobo to a ATX form (970) not a mATX. You... Read More »

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Will you help me build my gaming computer?

Intel i5motherboard Asus p8z68-v pro Powersupply; 600 watts.Graphics 6770.The Speed of the RAM is important. Get 1666MHz or faster. Check what your motherboard and CPU will support first. 6GB is e... Read More »

How much will it cost to build a good gaming computer?

Depends on what you want in it, but if you want to build it and you have all the other components like Operating System, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, etc. For just the components plan on spending at l... Read More »

Is this computer setup compatible and will it work for a budget gaming PC?

As far as compatibility goes, you're fine. The only compatibility you need to worry about is making sure your CPU socket matches, and that your RAM pins and format match, as well as frequency. Howe... Read More »

Build Me A Gaming Computer?

PCPartPicker part list: breakdown by merchant:…Benchmarks:…CPU: Intel Core ... Read More »