Will my dad notcie if i take a beer ?

Answer He may and if he does its a good time for the alcohol talk.

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Will my dad notice if i take a beer ?

5 Beers, Definitely. I know when any of my beer is gone if there's less than like, 9. Wait until he stocks up, then nab one.

Will beer snobs of craft beer ever leave the good people alone on YA?

Look being wild in producing stupid fruit beer or coffee beer or some other stupid flavored beer that appeals to the immature mind and non existent control of brewing skills does not equate to a qu... Read More »

If you teach a man how to fish, .... will he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day?

If you teach a man to fish, he will become a master baiter.

How long did it take you to enjoy the taste of beer?

Second college party. The first time it was nasty (Old Mill) and warm and I couldn't even finish half of it. The next party the cold Bud Light kept flowing and my cup never was empty. After that... Read More »