Will my current processor be able to run Crysis Warhead?

Answer W7 will help as it is less of a hogger and quicker.2.1 AMD is OK but it will depend on what graphics card you are using. The GPU will also call upon a certain amount of the RAM and will have it's ... Read More »

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If current orthodontic services are being rendered to a minor child of the debtor will the child still be able to continue the service without paying under Chapter 7?

Answer I'm not a lawyer but I would say no unless the orthodontics are correcting something life-threatening. After all, you'd be asking an orthodontist to continue to provide services to you afte... Read More »

Will crysis 2 run on a laptop?

Sure it will run on a laptop. If you want high settings you are looking at one that costs at the minimum of 1200$

Will crysis run well on my pc?

Crysis is GREAT. It will work ok on your should have NO trouble.

Will my computer play Crysis on high?

Yes, but with a maximum graphics resolution of 320x192, you might need to turn on 512E12 anti-aliasing to fool yourself into thinking it's running on high.Also, have fun installing all 12 GB.......... Read More »