Will my current processor be able to run Crysis Warhead?

Answer W7 will help as it is less of a hogger and quicker.2.1 AMD is OK but it will depend on what graphics card you are using. The GPU will also call upon a certain amount of the RAM and will have it's ... Read More »

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How to Handle Warhead Candy?

Warhead Extremely Sour SprayNot many people know about the extremely sour candy called "Warheads". Handling this candy without twitching, making any sound, or hardly even feeling the sour comes wit... Read More »

Will crysis run well on my pc?

Crysis is GREAT. It will work ok on your should have NO trouble.

Can my laptop run Crysis 2?

Yes but on low settings with the occasional lag. That graphics card is a low end card and wasn't made for gaming. But hey buy it anyway since it's on sale, you can always play it on a new laptop/de... Read More »

How to Be Good at Crysis 2?

Crysis 2 is about to launch, and lots of people are going to be lost in this revolutionary game. If you need a friendly tip or a full guide here it is. These helpful facts that make sure you have t... Read More »