Will my computer run faster if i delete system32?

Answer Dun even think about to delete system32, it's the main files of your windows. If u do, then ur system will crash. Those people r cheating u. Microsoft wont create a folder with rubbish inside. It w... Read More »

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How to Delete System32.DLL?

DLL files are are vital component of how your computer operates. DLL files contain and allow many of the most basic operating functions of not only Windows, but of programs in general. In an attemp... Read More »

How do I delete System32 files in Windows XP Pro?

Safe ModeRestart the computer in Save Mode. Click on "Start" and then the drop-down arrow next to "Shut Down." Click on "Restart" and then "OK." Wait for the computer to shut down and then begin to... Read More »

Will using faster ddr2 make my computer faster?

Yes, using faster DDR2 RAM will make your computer faster. But, according to the results of a RAM speed test done at the Tom's Hardware website, using mainstream DDR2 RAM, such as DDR2-800 or 1066 ... Read More »

When i delete my msg off my facebook on my computer they wont delete off my fone help?

not sure what a "fone" is - maybe you mean a "phone"?when you delete messages, they arent actually deleted, they are archived, until you also delete the archive.... did you do that?btw, it doesnt d... Read More »