Will my computer delete files if I unhook my monitor and another question too...?

Answer Monitors don't store files and removing a monitor from an old computer won't delete files.Open office is a great free alternative to MS Word. If the new computer doesn't have OpenOffice installed,... Read More »

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How do I delete all the files on my computer?

The XP or vista discs you got with the system will delete everything, then install a fresh copy of windows on your system. Put the CD in, reboot your computer, press any key to load from cd, then ... Read More »

I have a question about my computer monitor.?

Time for a warranty claim.First, switch monitors with another computer. If the problem moves to the other computer, the monitor is at fault. Replace the monitorIf it stays with the computer, the ... Read More »

How to Delete Infected Computer Files?

Infected files can become a pain, sometimes you can find infected files cannot be deleted. This simple method will show you how to bypass the protection of delete.

How do I permanently delete porn files from my computer?

It is possible, though fairly unlikely to be able to recover files from a hard drive even if you have used one of the many drive eraser type programmes on the market.The most effective way to ensur... Read More »