Will my computer be safe from the swine flu virus?

Answer If your computer is a Macintosh, you are probably safe. If not, it may not be. HP/Compact are at high risk, but Dell's seem to be more resistant.You might have read in the newspapers that the new f... Read More »

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Is the Swine Flu a horrible new computer virus?

Yes... You can get it if you're anywhere near an unvaccinated computer.

How can I protect my computer against the Swine Flu virus?

before it goes to sleep tonightread it a storygive it some antibiotics and a glass of milk ( not too much it might wee the bed )

I have a virus on my computer, what is the best firewall that i get for Free to keep my computer safe ?

●Some Useful Programs, and Online Tools:â–ªScan your computer from Viruses, and other online threats, by using these sites, via ActiveX technology. Panda Online Scanner(Virus/Spyware Scann... Read More »

Is my computer safe!! APRIL FOOLS VIRUS!!!?

the only thing you really need to worry about to protect yourself from THIS particular virus is to make sure you widows secrity updates are all applied. If you have the security updates applied, t... Read More »