Will my computer be more fast if i switch processors?

Answer not much, to get a far better improvement with speed you should increase the memory your computer has.

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When it comes to Processors, is it better to have more Ghz or more cores?

Between the two things you are asking about the Quad core would be, in general, faster. The more cores you have the "more CPUs" you have.

Which of the two processors is better,more powerful,more capableread description?

Grab the E2180.Runs cooler,nad faster than the pentium D,despite the frequency handicap.Plus you can overclock it alot.

On youtube my computer will only play a few seconds , then freeze until more has loaded, is computer too slow?

it's not your pc that's slo - it's your internet connection

A network administrator enters the enable command at the Switch prompt of a new switch. What mode will the switch enter?

Privileged mode (will turn into a # sign after the router name instead of the > sign it has upon startup.