Will my channel be a success?

Answer It Depends, i have subbed, you have a decent amount of subs for a 2 week old channel, its cool!

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Will have success with my A7X youtube channel?

Love A7X. You already have a few views and subs, keep posting to social networking site and sharing with everybody you know.… Sub 4 Sub plz?

Will running two 1gig 667MHz sticks of RAM in dual-channel be faster than three of them in single-channel?

IT is a much better option to keep them in dual channel as this will double the bandwidth of the RAM subsystem. Give one system 2GB and other 4GB as 2GB is enough RAM for most of the cases and also... Read More »

What channel will the cooking channel be on comcast?

How will Sanjaya’s continued success on American Idol impact the show’s credibility?

I think it was the judges responsibility to make sure the singers are of a higher caliber that make it to the top 24, no matter what they look like.