Will my cavity being filled hurt?

Answer In Canada, contemporary dentists use the following procedure:1. They will apply a gel-like substance that is a diffusive anesthetic.2. They will insert a sterile needle at this site with topical an... Read More »

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Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?

How Long Can I Wait To Get Cavity filled?

it does not necessarily need to be a cavity. cavity is usually round, as in a spot.the linear shape suggests it is merely a mineralized formation on the tooth, caused by the agressive mouth environ... Read More »

I have a cavity between my two fron teeth beginen hurt i notice white area on front tooth how will they fill i?

In simple terms, anytime there is a filling needed on the front teeth they use a composite restoration. (a tooth colored filling)

What happens if you don't get a cavity filled?

The tooth will keep rotting until it either breaks or you get an abcess. This is very very painful and requires anit biotics too.Please get them fixed now - don't do what I did and let them go cos ... Read More »