Will my cavity being filled hurt?

Answer In Canada, contemporary dentists use the following procedure:1. They will apply a gel-like substance that is a diffusive anesthetic.2. They will insert a sterile needle at this site with topical an... Read More »

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Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?

What happens if you don't get a cavity filled?

The tooth will keep rotting until it either breaks or you get an abcess. This is very very painful and requires anit biotics too.Please get them fixed now - don't do what I did and let them go cos ... Read More »

Has anyone ever not gotten a cavity filled?

Yes, and I got an abscess and it had to be pulled out. Far worse than a filling.

What does getting a cavity filled feel like?

After the initial needle used to inject the local (scale 2 -3) there is no pain at all - not even when the local wears off after an hour or two.The worst bit is thinking it might hurt!