Will my bankruptcy affect my spouse?

Answer If you file bankruptcy, your spouse will be affected by the bankruptcy appearing on her credit report beneath any joint debts you share. She will also be affected by the seizure of property in Chap... Read More »

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Does a Non-Borrowing Spouse's Bankruptcy Affect a VA Home Loan in Texas?

A nonborrowing spouse on a home loan is added to the property deed, but isn't financially responsible for repayment of the loan. However, in a Department of Veterans Affairs mortgage with a nonborr... Read More »

How to File for Bankruptcy Without Your Spouse?

Filing for bankruptcy without your spouse is a complicated procedure that may or may not provide the protection sought by creditors. If you and your spouse are jointly liable for a debt, creditors ... Read More »

Can one spouse file for bankruptcy?

It is possible for one spouse to file bankruptcy and not the other spouse. The spouse who does not file may be liable for the unpaid debt depending on the chapter of bankruptcy that was filed and i... Read More »

Can one spouse declare bankruptcy?

In states with community property laws, such as Arizona, Louisiana and Idaho, creditors can take the assets from the person filing for bankruptcy as well as his spouse. In other states, creditors c... Read More »