Will my bank card still work if the scan stripe is scratched?

Answer Mine was split along the scan stripe and it still worked. Took a couple tries sometimes tho. I believe it'll work fine.

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Can you replace the glass on a hp4280 a pix fell on it and broke it--will the scan still work if i replace it?

It depends on where the scan bar was in comparison to the crack. It might have bent this rod and that would affect the scanning. Even a millimeter off would affect the scans. Only a trained expert ... Read More »

Will my debit card still work if it went through the washer and dryer?

Check the magnetic stripe on your debit card; if it isn't cracked or badly scratched it should still work. Additionally, if the numbers on your card are still legible, most merchants will accept it... Read More »

Can you scan a bank card on a scanner?

Yes you can but the important question is who needs this information? If you send your scanned card details and it is mis-used then the bank will not cover your losses. You are effectively sending ... Read More »

Dvd vs blu ray. Will a blu ray player still read a scratched up dvd when it will no longer play on DVD player?

Probably not. Blu-ray players have 2 lasers, 1 for DVDs/CDs and 1 for BDs. So there's nothing really different about playing a DVD in a BDP.