Will my baby's tooth have to come out?

Answer HiNo, they will leave it, just make sure you clean the tooth with a small brush. Good luck

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How come people want to have babys?

Sometimes people just want to start a family. Also it keeps up the population and it keeps the family name. Usually people don't just have a baby to have a baby. If they do that then a baby is a lo... Read More »

My childs top front tooth is very wiggly and loose, how will it come out?

I would leave her to it, unless she is asking you to do something. This is an ownership thing, it's her tooth. She is scared because she isn't ready to force such a big change, she needs time to ge... Read More »

I am 32 weeks and five days pregnant i have been told the babys head is 35 palp will i go in to labour soon?

I think it all depends. Ive read that some women loose theirs all at once and its about the lenght of 1/2 their middle finger and others[like me] loose it over the course of days or weeks and then ... Read More »

I've just found out i'm pregnant, but the babys father has type1 diabetes,does this mean my baby will have it?

Not entirely, but just so you know, some women actually develope "temporary" diabetes while pregnant (I don't want you getting scared if it happens). Either way if the father has then the doctors ... Read More »