Will my Motherboard fit in this case?

Answer Yep, the thermaltake black commander ms-II will fit your motherboard because it supports both atx and micro-atx. Motherboards: 9.6” x 9.6” (Micro ATX), 12” x 9.6” (ATX)The stand off screws ... Read More »

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Will the motherboard match the case?

The nzxt case will except micro and standard atx motherboard , since the one looking at is a atx motherboard will work fine , seems like it's going to be a nice system build for gaming , the cpu co... Read More »

How to choose a Motherboard and Case?

Depends what size case you want. First find a case you like (for me it was nzxt vulcan because I like small an portable). After that, find a motherboard that will fit. If you don't want to overcloc... Read More »

Can an ATX motherboard fit in a micro ATX case?

ATX motherboards will generally not fit in a micro-ATX case. Even if the ATX motherboard does physically fit in the case, the positioning for the mounting holes on the case will not match up with t... Read More »

How do I know what case my motherboard fits in?

This Is Very Simple. Look On Your Case Description And See If It's An ATX Case, An ATX Mini Case, Or An ATX Micro Case. Then Look On Your Motherboard And See If It Says ATX, ATX Mini, Or ATX Micro.... Read More »