Will mp3 speakers work for an IPOD?

Answer You are able to use mp3 player speakers with your IPOD. You need to make sure they are universal, which most are. Some people find that IPOD speakers do produce better sound quality with your IPOD.

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Ipod Touch (4G) Speakers won't work?

I've never experienced this problem but try plugging in headphones and plugging it out.

What to do if a ipod touch speakers dont work?

Try a different set of earbuds. the wires are so thin and flimsy it is usually those and not the ipod itself or see if it plays in a docking station.

Will iPod nano speakers work with other iPods or mp3 players?

no, they will only work with the nano, as the nano is quite a bit smaller than other ipods and mp3 players. If you bought a speaker for an ipod touch, it would also work with the nano.

I spilled tea on my ipod touch and dropped it the speakers don't work the screen is cracked and it keeps turning on and off what do i do?