Will most of the decent knowledge in the anglosphere go dark, when Wikipedia does?

Answer You can always go to the public library and read the big encyclopedia books.

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Does Wikipedia have more knowledge than Encyclopædia Britannica?

Wikipedia has more information, but most of it is "sh*t nobody cares about" (e.g. "Physics of the Dragonball Z Universe"). Britannica has information you can actually use as a starting point for r... Read More »

Is wikipedia a repository of all human knowledge?

It will become that after a few more decades of work and development. It is good now, but will greatly improve with sustained development. However, it contains only generally accepted knowledge. Of... Read More »

Wikipedia - a trustworthy source of knowledge?

I wouldn't consider Wikipedia to be a trustworthy source of information. Interesting yes but accurate, somewhat.

I think Wikipedia has destroyed the the quality of knowledge available pls comment?

Wikipedia is an okay place to start, but it is the Cliff Notes of knowledge, and that might not be fair to the Cliff Notes people. Most articles are accurate and it is nice that they put in inform... Read More »