Will most of the decent knowledge in the anglosphere go dark, when Wikipedia does?

Answer You can always go to the public library and read the big encyclopedia books.

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Does Wikipedia have more knowledge than Encyclopædia Britannica?

Wikipedia has more information, but most of it is "sh*t nobody cares about" (e.g. "Physics of the Dragonball Z Universe"). Britannica has information you can actually use as a starting point for r... Read More »

What will be the content of BBC Knowledge channel in India and when is it launching?

Foxtell,UK channel 4 is the broadcaster of the Paralympic Games 2012.

Which Wikipedia article does the most damage to the most people?

This is a tough one to answer. My first thought was the still rather slanted article on "Naked short selling", a highly questionable and quite possibly illegal trading practice that has been impli... Read More »

How can I induce vomiting easily Even when a decent answer will earn 10 points!?

Oh no... no no no, please don't do that. It's called Bulimia and it's extremely unhealthy behavior. If you don't feel good, there are several home-remedies to reduce nausea. Drinking ginger tea or ... Read More »