Will more memory speed up my computer?

Answer Depends on how much memory you already have and what tasks you are performing on your computer. It should give you some performance gain, but will be more noticeable if your machine is paging a lot... Read More »

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Will more memory speed my computer up?

Yes it would, but before you go down the road of spending cahs, try these things to speed up your computer and free up space and memory for free:Go to the Start Menu> RunType in "appwiz.cpl"Uninsta... Read More »

Will adding memory speed your computer up?

Adding random access memory (RAM) to your computer is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to speed your computer up. If you notice your computer operating slowly when multiple programs are ... Read More »

How to Find Computer Memory Speed?

Computer programmers may wish to find a computer's memory speed to troubleshoot a computer if the memory modules are performing sluggishly or simply to formulate a plan to increase a computer's per... Read More »

How can memory affect the speed of a computer?

If your computer doesn't have enough memory for its usage, it will run slower. The computer has to access the hard disk rather than the RAM when there isn't enough memory, and that is what slows th... Read More »