Will more memory make your PC faster?

Answer System memory upgrades will improve the computation speed of a personal computer. Upgrades in video memory will improve the loading speed of graphics. Upgrading memory is an effective solution for ... Read More »

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Will more PC memory make computers run faster?

More PC (personal computer) memory will help make a computer run faster. Personal computer memory is referred to as RAM (random access memory). The more random access memory a personal computer has... Read More »

Will a RAM memory upgrade make my computer faster?

Most computer users have been trained that if you want more speed for your computer, then add more memory. Well, this is true, in certain circumstances. But for most of the times, it really is just... Read More »

Will purchasing more RAM make my PC run faster?

of course it will run really fast and will help u to play games really fast

Will upgrading the laptop memory from 1.5 GB to 2 GB make the PC run faster?

Adding additional memory to any personal computer causes an increase in performance, no matter the operating system. This rule applies to both desktop PCs and laptop computers, even when upgrading... Read More »