Will mold grow on fiberglass?

Answer Mold can be found virtually anywhere and everywhere, whether it's indoors or outdoors. There are more than 1,000 types of mold in the United States, and mold can grow wherever there is a buildup of... Read More »

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Will mold grow faster on wheat or on Italian bread?

How fast mold grows on bread depends on several factors, with water content being the biggest one. The higher the water content, the faster the bread will mold. Most wheat breads have a higher wate... Read More »

How to Mold Fiberglass?

The article will explain how to mold fiberglass for personal projects.

DIY: Fiberglass Mold?

From motorcycles to muscle cars, fiberglass can be used in many ways to produce custom parts and body panels at a relatively low cost. For years many enthusiasts have turned to fiberglass to take ... Read More »

How to Mold a Fiberglass Bumper?

Fiberglass is a good material to create vanity car parts like designer bumpers. The sheets can be molded into the shape you want and you can then create that shape by mixing with a polyester resin.... Read More »