Will medicare pay for a manual wheelchair?

Answer In general, Medicare benefits will cover a portion of the cost of a manual wheelchair, provided the device is medically necessary and ordered by a physician. How much an individual will need to pay... Read More »

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How to Get a Wheelchair Through Medicare?

An individual who receives Medicare benefits can get help paying for certain kinds of wheelchairs if a doctor states that there is a medical need for one. If you are on Medicare and you have suffer... Read More »

How to Use a Manual Wheelchair?

Manual wheelchairs with push rims enable a wheelchair user to propel themselves in the chair. Chair without push rims are usually pushed by a person using handles on the back of the chair.

Does Medicare pay for wheelchair ramps?

According to current coding and policies, Medicare does not pay for wheelchair ramps that would allow patients to go up stairs inside or outside of the home. While these ramps are necessary for us... Read More »

Who invented the manual wheelchair?

Early versions of chairs with wheels were recorded as far back as 530 B.C. in Greece. Stephen Farfler, a paraplegic watchmaker, built his own self-propelled wheelchair in 1655 at age 22. The first ... Read More »