Will medicaide pay for knee replacement on 56 year old man?


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Almost 2 months after a total knee replacement is it normal for my knee to still be red and hot?

I'm not a Dr ...But that's where I would be now or the emergency room to find out what's going on ...There's something wrong ....SomewhereI wish you the best... Let us know how your making out

How to Handle a Knee Replacement?

Knee replacements are painful and it can take quite some time to get back into the swing of things following the replacement operation. With grit, patience, and a determination to get back to doing... Read More »

Does Medicare pay for a knee replacement?

If the knee replacement surgery is considered medically necessary, then Medicaid will cover the procedure. If the patient is hospitalized for at least three days and requires skilled nursing therap... Read More »

What more can i do to rehab from total knee replacement?

The MET technique is a good idea...I use it frequently, but it is probably too little too late. Regaining ROM after the 8th week is very difficult as scar tissue has had a chance to adhere. Theref... Read More »