Will PowerPuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys be together forever?

Answer Well, everyone knows that in the episode "the boys are back in town" Bubbles admits Boomer is "cute". But when they are all teenagers, ( as seen in the episode "the city of clipsville",) Brick asks... Read More »

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Do kyle and Amanda get back together in the series finale of kyle xy?

I'm nearly at the end of season 3 and Kyle has just told Amanda that he still loves her and she still loves him, but they aren't getting back together because of Kyle wanting to protect her. Also i... Read More »

Will bones and booth stay together in season 8?

You are in the marine corp and your fiance is in the air force will you get stationed together if you get married?

I couldn't see why they would. If your a Marine your needed by the Marines at a Marine Base. If your an Air man you are needed by the Air Force at an Air Force Base. the military could care less if... Read More »

Can two married US military service members serve together in the same workplace or be deployed together under any circumstances?