Will chad and sonny get back together in swac?

Answer yes they do the get back together in season 2 finale at least that is what i can tell but you can check it out jan. 2 2011

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Are sonny and chad going to go back together?

They are because they kissed at the end and became boyfriend and girlfriend againAlthough I'm not so sure anymore. Everyone kept saying that they would get back together in the episode "New Girl" b... Read More »

Will sam and Freddie ever get back together on i carly?

DOOL do you think that Nicole and Eric will ever get back together?

Not to be rude but DUH! Thats exactly whats going to happen why else would they bring back Eric and have Nicole all of a sudden still in love with him when for years no mention of him what so ever.... Read More »

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Who sings it better?