Will make up speed ageing and give you wrinkles?

Answer MAC is rather damaging to your skin. Esp since its stage makeup. As long as you take care of your skin and protect it from the sun, you should be fine.I've accidentally used ant-wrinkle cream at 19... Read More »

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Anti ageing treatments vs ageing peacefully...?

Ageing gracefully while doing the best you can to maintain elasticity of your skin.. and while doing what you can to feel good about yourself. I think that many of these so - called Anti ageing cre... Read More »

What age do you think I should start using an anti-ageing cream.....?

You won't be needing that stuff for a long, long time yet hun - you have a natural beauty that lasts forever ;-)

Do you think that anti-ageing skin care & cosmetic products are truly beneficial?

ive never used those products,and i stil get people say i only look in my 30's.When im actually in my 40's.good eating and plenty of fluids is a must for us and a lil bit of nice sun too(not a lot)... Read More »

Can the Police give you a ticket for 1 mile over the speed limit:?

Yes they can....My town had a zero tolerance with speeding for a month because speeding was getting ridiculous. If you were 1 mile an hour over you would get a ticket!!!