Will magnets on the fuel line improve gas mileage?

Answer On One Hand: Magnets On Fuel Line Will Not Improve Gas MileageThere are many claims that magnets on the fuel line will improve gas mileage. Tests conducted at universities and by the federal govern... Read More »

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How to Use Magnets on Your Automobile's Fuel Line?

Internal combustion engines power most automobiles on the road today. This engine mixes gasoline and air in the combustion chamber and ignites the resulting mixture. The energy released in that con... Read More »

How to Improve Ford 7.3 Fuel Mileage?

The 7.3-liter diesel engine was first installed by Ford in its vehicles in 1994. Given the name Power Stroke in that year, the engine was used in Ford's F-series trucks as well as various vans, com... Read More »

How to Improve the Fuel Mileage in a Ford 351?

By reducing the amount of strain on your Ford 351 motor, you can improve gas mileage and extend the engine's life. You can reduce strain through proper maintenance and planning ahead when you drive... Read More »

Will fuel additives improve gas mileage?

On One Hand: Most Additives Do NotMost fuel additives, especially the ones that make grand claims of increasing gas mileage by 20 percent or more, are scams, according to the Federal Trade Commissi... Read More »