Will "magnetic paint" reduce outside wireless radiation?

Answer Interesting.Are you going to paint glass (windows) ?Wireless radiation or any other electromagnetic radiation is part of electromagnetic spectrum (same as light). So property of these radiations ar... Read More »

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Can you reduce radiation in the human body?

All living things give off small amounts of radiation, bananas and some other foods just give off more than other things. There are different types of radiation, the type from plants and animals is... Read More »

How to Reduce the Strength of a Magnetic Field?

A magnetic field is a vector quantity produced by a magnetic material or electromagnet. Both of these devices are normally consisting of the elements iron, cobalt and nickel. Both types of magnetic... Read More »

Can i reduce computer radiation by covering monitor with a piece of glass?

Just get an LCD monitor and problem solved. They are really cheap nowadays.200 bucks gets u a 19" LCD.

Radiation from WIRELESS keyboard and mouse>?

I've been using wireless mouse and keyboard for almost 3 years. i think I'm fine lol. don't worry there are no radiation from that.