Will liability insurance cover a business that purchased stolen goods with out knowing the goods were stolen?

Answer Answer It all depends on the terms of the insurance policy. If it says it will cover that kind of loss, you're covered. If it doesn't specifically cover that kind of loss, you're out.

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Should insurance settlements be repaid when stolen goods are recovered?

Answer That is up to the discression of the insurance company.

Receiving stolen goods from ebay?

"The next day some guy sends me a message saying the item is stolen..."And of course, he wouldn't be lying, would he?How do you know that 'some guy' isn't just someone who dislikes the seller and i... Read More »

Does liability insurance cover a stolen car?

Liability Insurance and the Stolen VehicleNo, Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages or injuries that you cause to others. It does not provide coverage for your own vehicle damages or th... Read More »

What can you do when buying a used Ipod to avoid buying stolen goods?

If you are allowed access to the IPod by the seller, copy down the serial number and take it to your local police agency and ask them to check the serial number for stolen. Many (most?) departments... Read More »