Will lenses for D80 fit a D7000?

Answer Yes

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Can old MF lenses be used on the D7000 for Scene mode I have an old Nikkor 50mm f1.4 Manual Focus lens on a D7000 it can take stills and go to live view but won't go on or record on Scene?

Will Nikon D60 lens fit D7000?

I have a Nikon D60 but wish to up date to a Nikon D7000 will the lens kit that came with the D60 work on the D7000

Will Kyocera lens fit a Nikon D7000?

Will it be worth upgrading from the Nikon D3100 to the D7000?

Absolutely not. Going from one entry-level DSLR to another entry-level model is a complete waste of money.Spend your money on a new lens or speedlite or, better yet, some photography books.If you w... Read More »