Will large amounts of caffeine kill an embryo?

Answer No.

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Can excessive drinking kill an embryo 5 weeks old?

Answer Drinking is bad for the fetus no matter what week gestation it is. As opposed to killing it, it is more likely just to cause neurological problems such as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This is a d... Read More »

Large amounts of hookah?

You will just feel sick all night.If your head is pounding take a tylenol but if your stomach is feeling queasy then try to throw up so your stomach will feel better.Other than that try to relax an... Read More »

For those of you with large amounts of scaring?

One of my sisters has scars on about 20% of her body from burns. She uses Eucerin, which is also what the doctors recommended when she was healing. Good luck, (((Steadfast)))

Which Fish Contain Large Amounts of Mercury?

Nearly all fish contain some mercury. For most people, mercury content in fish is not a health concern, and the benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks. Fish with high levels of mercury, however... Read More »