Will it wreck my laptop if i shut it off using the power botton PLEASE HELP!?

Answer If the button would ruin the laptop, what makes you think they would add it in the first place? (: It doesn't do anything to the computer. Inside your computer, there is a battery. Look up the mode... Read More »

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Please will you PRAY, to see if the power of prayer will help?

May God bless you. If it His will, anything through prayer is possible. Yes I will pray for you and Brenda.

My enter key opens up my power options (battery menu!) on my laptop. Please help!!?

Sticky keys might be turned on.Hit Windows Key (the flag symbol) + XThis opens the mobility center - close it and your enter key function should be restored.

Will constantly plugging and unplugging my laptop wreck the battery?

It could wreck the battery. Most rechargeable things have only so many "charges," so this constant recharging is reducing how many charges the battery has left. For instance, many hand-held game sy... Read More »

Please help! What is the meaning of the word "Auto Shape" in power point please help?

The shape is already drawn out for you, you can change the size.