Will it take a while?

Answer 1'6"

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Will it hurt or kill the baby if you take the shot while pregnant?

AnswerI have a friend that just gave birth a couple of months ago that was taking the shot until she was 6 months pregnant. She did not know that she was pregnant and kept on getting the depo shot... Read More »

If you accidentally take birth control while pregnant will it hurt the baby?

No because the pill is just estrogen. I was eight weeks along before I found out I was pregnant and the whole time I continued to take my birth control pill. The baby was healthy. ( I spotted and t... Read More »

I accidentely cut off my own head while dying my long will it take to heal?

Here's what you do. Go into a sleezy area of your town. Find a homeless person or hooker. Someone who won't be missed. Make sure they don't look to bad either. Then steal there head. To apply the h... Read More »

If one pulls a hamstring while running how long will it take to heal, what is best treatment for fast recovery?

It all depends how far you pulled it! I dance so this happens all the time, anytime I pull a hamstring, ligament, anything they tell you to ice your whole leg and put it up at elevation, if you hav... Read More »