Will it still destroy the system files of a computer if I unplug it even if the deepfreeze is on?

Answer Yes, you can destroy the files if you unplug the computer instead of the normal shutdown procedure. However, then the computer "freezes", you have no other recourse. Continually doing this will res... Read More »

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Do you unplug your computer during a thunderstorm ?

How can a person unplug his computer?

lol!Thanks Snizz! Just because I'm not as big a computer nerd as you are!At least I didn't spill coke in mine! HA!

Why should I shut down my computer when I can just unplug it?

Shutting down allows the computer to correctly close all running processes and update the registry and temp files/cache and any data files attached to programs.If the computer suddenly loses power ... Read More »

What to do when power goes out while on my computer, should I unplug it I don't want anything messing up?

When power comes back up, sometimes it goes on and off and surges. Since unplugging it cannot hurt anything because it gets no power now, it is a good idea to unplug it until the power has returned... Read More »