Will it ruin my bravia?

Answer On my Sony Bravia i have the contrast setting quite low.Still going good after 4 years of having it

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Do I need a BRAVIA TV to use a BRAVIA home theater system?

NO.All HDTVs will come with an HDMI input. That's all you need."Home theater systems" usually refer just to audio. Blue Ray players will all have HDMI and digital audio outputs. If you want to use ... Read More »

Should one buy BRAVIA?

yes the sony will be alot better i sell these TV's for a living the 553 is a very good basic television and you will also benefit from an internet connection with this tv with the latest apps built... Read More »

Should i buy 46" sony bravia lcd or 50" lg lcd tv ?

You should get a LG TV. The sales of Sony's TV business has been decreasing (being pulled down) this year maybe because of its recall of 1.6 million LCD TVs worldwide due to overheating and a fire ... Read More »

How do you turn on the HD on your sony bravia?

If it is a HDTV set it will show HD when it receives a true HD program. There is nothing to switch.