Will it hurt my printer if it is turned on and off a lot?

Answer I don't think so. Generally the things that suffer from "wear" are mechanical parts, and that would be the on/off switch on a printer. You are not turning it on/off at the printer though; you're tu... Read More »

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My printer won't respond when I try to print. Troubleshooter says it is turned off, but it is turned on.?

It may be offlineFirst, check to see if all connections are secure and in placeStart Devices and printersRight click your printer iconSelect see what's printingClick on the word printerRemove ch... Read More »

If I buy an Airprint enabled printer and want to print from an iPhone, does the printer have to be turned on?

No, Airprint printers print when they're turned off to save electricity.

Will my printer ink last longer if I keep the printer turned off?

just the opposite. if you turn the printer off it will do a head cleaning when you turn it back on which wastes a lot of ink. if you leave it off for long periods, the ink in the print head can clo... Read More »

What should I do if I was bitten by a spider and a week later the bite did not hurt, but turned green?

First, this is not a spider bite, but does sound like a bad infection. you need to treat this or have a doctor treat it.The center is a pustule, (pus pocket) and needs to be drained. If gently sque... Read More »