Will it hurt getting a kidney stent out?

Answer a little bit…

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Kidney stone in left kidney can it make even your left leg hurt?

No, kidney stone in left kidney will not hurt your left leg.It has no concern with your leg.

I have a kidney stone on my right side. I have had pain for about a week but today it really started to hurt.?

are you male or female?NO, it will get a lot worse!I've had SEVERAL..... it is WORSE THAN HAVING A BABY!!!!NOT KIDDING!

Can a heart stent collapse?

Stents, which are small wire-mesh tubes implanted into arteries, are used to open up a previously clogged artery. Stents are not foolproof and can collapse, but a procedure called double-stenting c... Read More »

Heart Stent and blockage where it is at?

Unfortunately "in stent restenosis" can and does happen and is a completely different process than the atherosclerosis that formed the original blockage. Because in stent restenosis has been so di... Read More »